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Kurdistan parliament receives financial reports for...
August 18, 2018

Presidency bureau of the Kurdistan Region’s Council of Ministers has transferred two financial reports to the parliament to debate the generated revenues and expenditures for the years of 2016 and 2017.

The parliament leadership said that it has submitted the reports and a copy of a written statement, issued by the Financial"...


August 18, 2018

A joint checkpoint of the Peshmerga forces, Iraqi federal police and Kirkuk police will be established near Pirde south of Erbil, federal police said on Friday (August 17).

Iraqi Federal Police said in a statement that the construction of a temporary steel bridge connecting the Erbil and Kirkuk provinces has been started for 10 days.

The bridge is expected to be opened on Sunday"...

August 18, 2018

Basra Oil Company on Thursday (August 16) signed an agreement with US Chevron energy company to set up a multiparty oilfield development company, along with the construction of an oil refinery.

On the sidelines of signing the contract on August 16, 2018, Ihsan Abdul Jabbar, director general of Basra Petroleum Company, told reporters that 'the agreement is contributed to the establishment of an energy company, in addition to the development of a"...

August 18, 2018

The US dollar to Iraqi dinar (IQD) exchange rate was slightly up in the Kurdistan Region’s currency markets on Thursday (August 16).

Broker Dana Mawlud told NRT that $100 was selling at 121,350 Iraqi dinars, 100 IQD higher than the previous day.

Mawlud also reported that 100 British pounds remained stable at 152,000 while 100 euros was at 136,000.



August 18, 2018

Crude oil prices remained down on Thursday (August 16), compared to the previous close.

The price of Brent oil was at $71.01, down from $72.26 previous close, and US WTI crude was at $65.10, from $66.69.

OPEC agreed on June 22 on an increase in oil production from July after Saudi Arabia convinced Iran to cooperate by about 1 million barrels per day (bpd), or one percent of"...

August 18, 2018

Former Iraqi deputy finance minister believes that US sanctions on Iran will have an impact on trade with Iraq and that it will harm the Iraqi economy if the sanctions continue, adding that the Kurdistan Region will largely be spared the effects.

“The US sanctions on Iran will affect business exchanges between Iraq and Iran because there is a big oil and gas trade between these two countries,” Dr. Fazil Nabi, former Iraqi deputy finance"...