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Umm Qasr port to be fully operational today or tomorrow:...
July 18, 2018

Iraq’s Umm Qasr commodities port is expected to be fully operational on Monday or Tuesday, three port officials said today (July 15), after it was shut down by protests sweeping southern cities.

The officials said all employees needed to return and the internet needed to be restored at the facility, which receives grain, vegetable"...


July 18, 2018

The Ministry of Planning announced on Monday (July 16) that the rate of inflation rose during the month of June by 0.6%, compared to May.

The ministry's spokesman, Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi, said in a statement that the annual inflation rate increased year-on-year by 1.7%, compared with June 2017

He indicating that the rise was affected by an increase in the price of housing"...

July 18, 2018

The Minister of Planning Salman al-Jumaili, who heads the Iraqi side in the Iraqi-Saudi Council, is scheduled to head to Jeddah on Wednesday to lead a high-level delegation to discuss a number of issues, including energy.

The ministry's press office said in a statement on Tuesday (July 17) that the visit of the Minister of Planning, Jumaili, with an accompanying delegation, comes at the behest of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.


July 18, 2018

Iraqi trade has been damaged by $1 million USD in one day due to protests in southern cities and internet cuts in many provinces, the Baghdad Commerce Chamber has said.

The demonstrations in Basra have caused a decline in the volume of trade with Kuwait and Iran in the last several days, a member of Baghdad Commerce Chamber, Zyad Kaabi, said in a statement on Monday (July 17).


July 18, 2018

The World Health Organization said a shortage of funding is threatening to close critical health facilities in Iraq, leaving almost one million people without access to basic medicines and health care.

WHO released a statement on Tuesday (July 17) saying support for health services has “drastically” decreased since the end of the Mosul operation.

The organization"...

July 18, 2018
When the Islamic State (IS) was finally driven from Iraq in July 2017, it left material ruin in its wake. It also left behind a legacy of abandoned children and orphans, many afflicted with psychological and social scars and many with no registration papers or trace of their parentage. Under Iraqi law, for these children to become registered and granted Iraqi nationality there must be an official marriage certificate to prove they were born under a legal union. This has led the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to call on the international community to adopt children who are known to be non-Iraqi. But what about those offspring whose lineage remains unknown, including those who lost their parents in the war? Kazem al-Haj, a political and social researcher at al-Hadaf Network for Political and Media Analysis, argued that it's critical to address the situation of children with unknown parentage to......