July 27, 2021 | government

Citizens in Dhi Qar and Diyala Protest Against Poor Services

ERBIL — Dozens of people in the Iraqi province of Dhi Qar on Monday took to the streets to protest against poor public services.

The demonstrators reportedly gathered in the neighborhood of al-Sabi'a in Suq al-Shuyoukh district, where they burned tires and demanded to address the electricity issues.

According to Iraqi reports, the protesters gave the local administration an ultimatum to repair the electricity, water, as well as sewage networks, in addition to other similar services.

Elsewhere in Diyala, similar demonstrations were reported earlier the day with the protesters blocking an international road in the area.

The protesters blocked the al-Mundhiriya international road, while demonstrating against the deteriorating services, particularly water and electricity.


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