July 27, 2021 | government

UN Signs Financing Agreement with France to Support UN in Monitoring Iraq Elections

BAGHDAD (UNAMI) — The United Nations in Iraq welcomes the contribution of 500,000 Euro from France to a UN-led project to monitor the upcoming 10 October 2021 Iraq Council of Representatives elections.

The French funding will support the deployment of UN electoral monitors pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 2576 of 2021.

“The international community has positively answered to the request made by the Government of Iraq to monitor the upcoming legislative elections. France is deeply committed to support free, fair and credible elections in Iraq in response to aspirations, rule of law and reforms expressed by the Iraqi citizens,' said Bruno Aubert, Ambassador of France to Iraq.

On behalf of UNAMI, UNOPS signed an agreement with France to manage the financing and administration of the project.

The United Nations thanks France for its contribution , which strengthens support to the process of holding credible and transparent elections in Iraq.


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