September 19, 2021 | government

‘First globalizing moment’: Archaeologists excavate important Soran site

SORAN, Kurdistan Region - Spanish and Kurdish teams are excavating an important site in Soran, Erbil province.

Bana Helk is a Neolithic village and archaeologists have found evidence of impressive architectural skills and an extensive trade network.

The historical period is “a very important moment, because it’s when the villages start to grow up and become cities,” explained Anna Gomez, team leader from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The village was part of a good trade network and the same style of life and traditions can be seen stretching from the Mediterranean to Bana Helk, making it “the first globalizing moment,” she said.

The dig is being done by teams from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Salahaddin University - Erbil.


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