November 5, 2020 | aviation

Kuwait's airline lays off 200 employees

Kuwait's Jazeera Airways Co. has dismissed 200 staff members in September as a direct result of the severe impact Covid-19 outbreak had on the aviation sector.

Chief executive officer Rohit Ramachandran stated that the country has been trying to cut costs at every level of business, which is why those discharged vary from pilots and cabin crew members to 300 employees, who made up a third of the company's staff .

We would love to have them back as soon as possible, once the situation improves,' Ramachandran announced after the airline released a third-quarter loss of 5.6 million dinars (USD18.3 million). 'As a prudent business, we have to look at all cost elements.'

He added that the firm reached a new deal with leases 'which gave us significant cost savings for the year', Ramachandran took his first paycheck since February in October. Other members of the leadership team received 50 percent of their salaries, while shareholders consented on keeping their bonuses in the business, he noted.


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