December 10, 2020 | real estate

Azelio wins first commercial order for Dubai MBR solar complex

Azelio, a Swedish company specialising in thermal energy storage with dispatchable power, has secured its first commercial order for its long-duration energy storage from Dubai-based ALEC Energy, thereby achieving a major milestone for the company.

The storage unit will be part of a system in the fourth phase of one of the world’s largest solar parks, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MBR) Solar Complex in Dubai, said the company in a statement.

The MBR Solar Complex is spread over a total area of 77 sq km in Dubai. Noor Energy 1, a company owned by Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (Dewa), Acwa Power and Silk Road Fund, is currently developing 950 MW of solar energy technology (phase IV) in the solar park.

By 2030, the capacity in the MBR Solar Complex is planned to amount to 5,000 MW.

This strategically important order for the storage unit has been placed on commercial terms, reflecting that it is for a single unit. Azelio’s energy storage Tes.Pod will be part of a system powering a visitor center at the MBR Solar Complex.

The system will combine Azelio’s technology with PV and fast-response equipment such as its hitech li-ion batteries. Azelio’s Tes.Pod will handle energy shifting for baseload power in the system, while batteries will be used to manage mini-grid stability.

'This is a major milestone for Azelio and we are thrilled to achieve it together with Alec Energy, the lead EPC contractor for the MBR solar project. Our presence in this giant project allows us to showcase our solution to important audiences and demonstrate how our long-duration energy storage can make solar power available around the clock in an affordable way,' stated Azelio’s CEO Jonas Eklind.

Azelio and Alec Energy had recently signed a MoU covering 49 MW installed capacity of Azelio’s storage units, starting with a smaller commercial project. The Dubai group is also installing Azelio’s verification project in Abu Dhabi together with Masdar and Khalifa University.

'Long-duration energy storage is a vital component in the transition from fossil to renewable energy and a key to provide clean and secure energy 24 hours a day,' remarked Alec Energy’s General Manager James Stewart.

'We are also installing Azelio’s verification project in Abu Dhabi together with Masdar and Khalifa University,' he added.-


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