January 14, 2021 | finance & economy

Alia Nassif warns of passing the financial budget in its current form

Baghdad / NINA / - MP Alia Nassif warned, on Wednesday, against passing the financial budget in its current form that strikes the citizen in his livelihood, noting that it contains constitutional and legal violations.

Nassif said in a statement that Article 20, paragraph four of the budget related to deductions from the salaries of civilian and military retirees is a legal and constitutional violation. The salaries of this segment are a trust that is recorded as an acquired right in the retirement fund, and therefore this acquired right may not be deducted.' The article is in violation of Article 28, Paragraph Two of the Constitution, meaning that the Budget Law is a temporary annual law. No amendments can be made to the salaries of retirees and any other salaries. The original laws on which these salaries are based cannot be overridden by relying on the budget law.

She added, 'Article 29 and Article 30 of the Constitution provides for the creation of a free and decent life for the citizen, so how can a free and decent life be provided to the citizen while a salary is deducted and tax deductions imposed on him, salaries are reduced and the price of the dollar raised, and thus the citizen is exposed to three blows, the first of which is to reduce the price of the dinar, the second with tax deductions, and the third by reducing salaries. Therefore, all of them are in violation of the law and the constitution.

Nassif confirmed, 'The budget from beginning to end includes loans identified by specific companies, although the report of the 62nd Committee and the Fiscal Deficit Law confirm that it is not permissible to mention company names in the budget. Fair competition among companies and the absence of transparency that could save money for the Iraqi state. '

She indicated that, 'when all countries of the world raise the price of the dollar and impose a tax, a strategy must be used to protect the citizen, and we have the central bank, the Ministry of Finance and the state. The state must precede the central bank and the Ministry of Finance in developing a strategy to protect the citizen.' Employed or gaining through these procedures and left without protection for his living situation?

Nassif called for 'adding the text of the deficit law article that was voted on in the House of Representatives regarding the relationship between the Kurdistan region and the center to be approved in the budget.' 'Oil, according to the text of the law on financing the fiscal deficit, noting that we cannot give legitimacy to Kirkuk oil to be part of the agreement.'

Nassif added, 'Also, the debts of the region's oil extraction costs are multiplied by the amount allocated to the ration card for the citizen, which amounts to fifteen dollars and is equal to only 22 thousand dinars, and thus money is wasted from here and there in exchange for the citizen's food,' noting that 'there is extraordinary waste and spending in the budget, such as service requirements that have no meaning, which cost two trillion and 881 billion dinars, commodity requirements and maintenance of special assets and programs, totaling more than 21 trillion dinars, and this paragraph alone is equivalent to the budget of a country, while this budget is supposed to be austere Reformatory.


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