January 24, 2021 | finance & economy

Economist: Real Measures Must Be Taken In The General Budget Before Approving It

Baghdad / NINA /- The economic expert, Raad Twaij, called for real measures in the general budget before approving it.

Twaij said to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): Through the course of events and following-up the Parliamentary Finance Committee for the general budget, it did not work to return the general budget to the government to reduce the imaginary deficit in the general budget, which is about $ 71 billion, and thus it sufficed with a set of formal procedures and inquiries.

Twig called for 'real measures in the general budget before approving it, as such a deficit in the budget opens the door for extensive foreign borrowing and making the Iraqi economy dependent on serving the benefits of foreign debt.'

He also called for 'rationalizing the budget because it is not verifiable and that will be costly, and the Parliamentary Finance Committee has failed in performing its duties, especially as it represents the Iraqi people and the need to defend its interests.


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