January 24, 2021 | finance & economy

Economic Specialist: A Water Crisis Looms In The Near Iraqi Horizon

Baghdad / NINA /- The specialist in economic affairs, Hussein Shaker Tahelo, warned of a water crisis looming over the near Iraqi horizon.

In a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), Tahelo said: Water is one of the most important and scarce elements of development in the world, as it is the means of life and development for any society, and the water resources in Iraq with its various types suffer from a double problem that is summed up in two quantitative and qualitative aspects. The first is the control of the source countries with the water shares allocated to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in accordance with legal norms and understandings, which was manifested in the form of a shortage in the quantities received from fresh water and the deterioration of its quality.

He added: The second is the qualitative aspect that resulted from human misuse of water and throwing his industrial, agricultural and household wastes into it, in addition to oil, which is one of the causes of water pollution, indicating that during the past months the rains reached a low level and this is a dangerous indicator of droughts that may affect upstream countries and thus its repercussions will reflect on Iraq, according to a statement by the Mayor of Ankara, Mansour Yavas, to the British Guardian newspaper earlier, saying that the Turkish capital has only 110 days to consume its water reserves from dams and reservoirs, and this will affect the Turkish water quotas for Iraq if the Iraqi government does not move now to find solutions to this anticipated crisis.


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