February 16, 2021 | healthcare

The British Ambassador ''from Basra'': We seek to support the province and we are looking forward to providing the Corona vaccine in Iraq

Basra / NINA / - The British Ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hickey, affirmed that his country is looking forward to broader relations with Iraq.

'There was a dialogue with the Minister of Health regarding Britain's contribution to providing the Corona virus vaccine, indicating that there are negotiations and dialogues with a British company and the central government regarding the provision of the vaccine,' Hickey said during a press conference held this afternoon at the Minawi Pasha Hotel in Basra.

He added, 'We discussed with the governor of Basra investment opportunities to improve the security situation in Basra before the upcoming elections in Iraq.'

'He is the first time to visit Basra and he is happy to be there because he realizes that Basra has a very important history, and stability in Basra will be the stability of Iraq,' Hickey said.

He stressed that Britain seeks to support, stabilize and prosper in Basra, and during our discussions with the governor, we have seen a desire for joint cooperation./


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