February 24, 2021 | healthcare

COVID-19: KRG Introduces New Protective Measures

ERBIL - The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Tuesday night introduced a number of new measures to better deal with the coronavirus, as the situation has already begun to deteriorate in the region.

KRG's Coronavirus Task Force said in a statement that schools and universities will remain open as long as they continue to abide by the official guidelines previously introduced by the Health Ministry of Kurdistan Region.

The new measures are said to go into effect on Wednesday, February 24.

The operations rooms in each province will be holding meetings to discuss more restricted measures, especially in regards to wearing masks and preventing any types of gatherings and implementing punishments against those who refuse to use face masks.

Ceremonies for national occasions and all activities related to sports will still be held but without the presence of any attendees, the statement noted.

The KRG has also decided to restrict the number of tourists visiting the Kurdistan Region from other parts of Iraq without affecting the agencies and organisations of the United Nations, the US-led Coalition, diplomats, and formal delegations.

Moreover, wedding parties, funerals, and other related gatherings will be banned, with the KRG warning that those who violate the restrictions will be fined 2,000,000 Iraqi dinars.

Mosques, churches, and temples will stay open but are required to follow the instructions provided by the Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs.

The government's offices will also continue to operate with the health guidelines said to be fully adhered in the facilities.

This comes as the pandemic situation is deteriorating in the Kurdistan Region, where a number of mutant COVID-19 infections have also been confirmed.


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