March 28, 2021 | oil and gas

SOMO Announces The Most Buyers Of Iraqi Oil In February

Baghdad / NINA /- The National Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) announced today, Saturday, that Indian oil companies were the most buyers of Iraqi oil during the month of February.

In a statistic published on its official website, SOMO stated that 'Indian companies were the most buyers of Iraqi oil among other international companies, with 8 companies out of 32 companies that bought oil during the month of February.'

It pointed out that 'Chinese companies came in second place with 7 companies, followed by American companies with 3 companies, and then South Korean, Italian and Greek companies with two companies each.'

It added, 'The rest was distributed among Russian, British, French, Malaysian, Egyptian, (Dutch-British), Turkish and Spanish companies, by one company each.'

SOMO explained that it 'depends, in selling Iraqi oil, on the main criteria for contracting with major international oil companies, medium and independent, and vertically integrated government.'

It continued, 'The most prominent international companies that bought Iraqi oil are the American Oxon Mobil Company, the British BP, France's Total, the South Korean Kokaz, the Dutch-British Shell, the Indian Spices, and the Indian Oil.'


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