April 1, 2021 | oil and gas

Variation in the prices of Basra, light and heavy crude

Baghdad (NINA) - Basra Light crude prices declined on Wednesday, while the price of its heavy crude increased.

Basra Light, a supplier to Asia, fell to 64.83 dollars a barrel, according to the Dubai Stock Exchange, down 1.08 dollars and 1.641% from Tuesday's prices.

Basra heavy crude prices rose to $ 62.50 a barrel, a rise of 2.36 percent.

Basra light oil declined compared to other OPEC oil, which all rose, as the price of Saudi Arabian Light oil recorded 63.34 dollars per barrel, an increase of 1.52 dollars, and the Emirati Murban mixture recorded 64.86 dollars per barrel, an increase of 54 cents, and the Algerian mixture Sahran scored 62.45 dollars per barrel, up reached 25 cents, while Nigerian Light Pune scored 63.13 dollars, up 28 cents, and Angolan Gerasul was 63.34 dollars, up 19 cents.


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