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Kurdistan Region parties to meet before Ramadan: advisor

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Political parties in the Kurdistan Region are set to hold a meeting within the next week to resolve their differences and better cooperate, according to a source close to the Presidency.

Preparations are underway for the meeting which is to be held before the holy month of Ramadan begins in a week, Falah Mustafa, advisor to Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani told Rudaw’s Bahroz Faraedwn.

During his Newroz message last month, Barzani invited political parties to come together and hold a meeting in an attempt to “put an end to harmful rivalries and disagreements.”

“We need to stand united in order to achieve better livelihood for our fellow citizens and to secure the constitutional rights of the people of Kurdistan. We need to put an end to harmful rivalries and disagreements among political parties in the country. All of us, political parties and communities, needs to be tolerant as we work together for a better Kurdistan and to preserve its freedom and democratic principles,” reads Barzani’s statement.

“I will invite all parties to a joint meeting at the Kurdistan Region Presidency after Nawroz celebrations,” the statement added.

Major political parties in the Kurdistan Region have welcomed Barzani’s invitation for a joint meeting.

A member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) politburo has confirmed that his party is on board for the meeting.

“These types of meetings need to be regularly held,” Arez Abdullah told Faraedwn on Monday. “It is true there are differences, and it is alright to have differences of opinions in a democratic system, however there are certain topics such as those concerning national identity that we should not have differences of opinion on.”

Gorran (Change) also voiced their support for the meeting.

“We welcome any gesture that serves as an opportunity to reach mutual understanding between the political parties in the Kurdistan Region,” Gorran spokesperson Dler Abdulxaliq told Rudaw.

“We think that after the passing of the 2021 budget bill, the Kurdish political parties should meet and we should create a more united approach in elevating the reform process in the Kurdistan Region, and address people’s concerns and requests,” he added.

The Iraqi parliament passed the 2021 buget bill late Wednesday with the Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget allocated at 12.67 percent in exchange for the revenue of no less than 250,000 barrels of oil at the price of SOMO daily and 50 percent of the customs and non-oil revenues.

The passing of what had been one of the most important issues between Erbil and Baghdad for more than three months, launched Kurdish leaders into optimism regarding the future steps in the country.

Last year in March, President Barzani again invited all political parties to a joint meeting to discuss their differences and fix them via dialogue.


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