April 8, 2021 | healthcare

PM Barzani Pays Tribute to Healthcare Workers on World Health Day

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on 7th April, the World Health Day, thanked the health workers in Kurdistan who are fighting on the forefront against the pandemic.

“Doctors and healthcare workers are putting themselves on the line every day,” PM Barzani wrote on Twitter.

“They deserve our appreciation and support, that is why we are spending $2.1m in new bonuses for them,” he added.

Earlier the day, the Kurdish premier held a press conference during which he discussed the current situation with regards to a new wave of the virus in the region. He said the people are needed to help the health sector by simply following the guidelines and protect themselves and their families.

Concerning the vaccination in the region, he said that vaccines are being administered to the citizens now, and that more are on the way.

“This is a major step forwards. We are intensifying the efforts to curb the rising infection rate which is of serious concern… But the best way to beat this virus is to abide by our public health measures. The most important thing people can do is follow the guidelines to protect themselves. I ask you personally to wear masks to protect all our citizens.”


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