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Menalac focus on supporting local leisure suppliers

As the regional leisure & attractions industry recovers from the impact of Covid-19, Menalac (Middle East and North Africa Leisure and Attractions Council) recognises and celebrates local suppliers for the role they play in the industry’s growth.

With the regional leisure & attractions industry being more than 30 years old, it’s seen great investment from businesses and entrepreneurs, according to the Mena (Middle East and North Africa) leisure report.

Menalac member and Zamperla Amusement Rides Middle East General Manager Yasser Goneid said: “Zamperla was able to recognise that the Mena region has great potential for the leisure and entertainment industry. It was very clear to us that having a regional office in Dubai would give us a significant advantage.”

He continued: “Establishing our Mena region office took a couple of years, from 2004 to 2006, when we had our breakthrough with our first large project. It took some hard work to get our customers to understand the benefits of a regional office.

'We had several meetings with each one of our existing and potential customers. We were also present at all major venues and trade shows. Soon enough, our customers were able to recognise the advantages of working with an international company that has invested in a regional office.”

Menalac Secretary General Rosa Tahmaseb said: “Covid-19 has impacted all areas of the local leisure & attractions industry. It is now more crucial than ever to support our local leisure suppliers. Going local, as opposed to sourcing from global suppliers, ensures our recovering industry is kept sustainable for all.'

The Mena’s leisure & attractions industry holds great appeal for better business opportunities, although the safety net in place for turbulent times is a thin one.

Being a local leisure supplier also requires an intimate understanding of the region’s climate conditions. These conditions dictate the lifespan of hardware and machinery, and adapting to them is paramount to safety and success.

Following the boom the industry experienced following the mid-1990s, the region became even more attractive to suppliers. As it continued to rapidly develop, suppliers saw great benefit in establishing themselves locally, in order to present a stronger commitment.

The influx of local suppliers the UAE has experienced is now taking place in Saudi Arabia and Egypt too. As these countries further solidify their national leisure & attractions industries, their local supplier population will soar.

Menalac represents 530 operations and over 200 brands from 22 countries in the Mena region including Pakistan and Afghanistan.-


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