April 29, 2021 | oil and gas

The prices of Basra Light and Heavy crude are rising again

Baghdad (NINA) - The prices of Basra Light and Heavy crude oil increased again, today, Wednesday, affected by other oil materials, after expectations of a recovery in global economic growth.

Basra light oil exported to Asia rose to $ 65.43 a barrel, by $ 0.91, or 1.41%, from Tuesday, while Basra heavy crude oil prices recorded $ 61.49 per barrel, an increase of 0.85%.

The price of Basra Light oil was the highest among the OPEC members, with Arab Light crude at $ 64.99 a barrel, and the Emirati Murban blend at $ 63.90 a barrel, while the Algerian mix Sahran scored $ 64.28 per barrel, and the Nigerian Bony Light price was $ 64.20, and Angola's Gerasol 64.67. Dollars.


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