June 9, 2021 | oil and gas

The rise in the price of Basra light crude, and heavy crude is declining slightly

Baghdad / NINA / - The prices of Basra Light and Heavy crudes witnessed, on Wednesday, rise and fall, respectively, in conjunction with the rise in international oil prices.

The prices of Basra Light Crude, which is supplied to Asia, rose to $72.26 a barrel, a rate of 0.81%, while Basra Heavy crude fell to $67.42 a barrel, down 0.29% from Tuesday's prices.

The price of Saudi Arabian Light oil was $70.75 a barrel, the UAE Murban blend was $70.280, and Algeria's Sahran was $70.62, while Nigeria's Bonny Light scored $70.98, and the Angolan Girasole $71.17 a barrel.


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