June 14, 2021 | oil and gas

Bombing Hits Transmission Towers in Kirkuk, Cuts Electricity

ERBIL - Iraq's Ministry of Electricity announced on Sunday that a bomb explosion had targeted a number of power transmission towers in Kirkuk province, cutting electricity in the area.

A statement by the ministry said that 'a terrorist attack' hit several electric transmission towers in Kirkuk, explaining that the 400 kV high-pressure electric power transmission line between Kirkuk and Qayyarat al-Ghaziyah was targeted.

The staff of the General Electricity Transmission Company in the northern region has begun the repairs of the towers.

A similar incident was reported earlier the day in Nineveh province where an improvised explosive device went off and damaged two power transmission towers near the village of Omar Kan, in al-Namroud sub-district.

The Islamic State (IS) was blamed for the terrorist activity as the jihadist group still poses a serious threat to the security forces and civilians in most parts of Iraq.


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