July 1, 2021 | healthcare

MoH Reveals Indications Of The Indian Strain Of Coronavirus Entering Iraq

Baghdad / NINA / - The Ministry of Health and Environment revealed, today, Tuesday, indications that the mutated Indian strain of Coronavirus known as “Delta” has entered Iraq.

The Director-General of Karkh Health, Jasib Al-Hijami, said in a statement to the official newspaper that: The mutated Indian strain (Delta) is one of the most dangerous strains, and several factors have proven its existence, including the increase in infections among the youth group and the increase in the number of people in intensive care wards, which increased from 300 to more than 500 cases of severe and critical infection across the country.

He added, that: According to the swabs, the infections were less than 10% and are currently more than 12%, according to the latest epidemiological situation, and this rapid increase in infections indicates the entry of the Indian strain.


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