July 13, 2021 | government

Planning Ministry: The total population of Iraq is more than 40 million

Baghdad / NINA / - The Ministry of Planning announced the registration of one million and (258) thousand live births, and the increase of the population of Iraq to more than 40 million people.

In a statement on the occasion of World Population Day, the Ministry Spokesman, Abdul-Zahra Al-Hindawi, said that 'the Central Statistical Organization monitored, during the past year, the registration of (224) thousand (279) deaths out of the total population of (40) million and (150) thousand, and (200) people,” noting that “the number of male population reached (20) million (336) thousand and (180) people, while the number of female population reached (19) million and (784) thousand, according to population estimates that Prepared by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

He added that the number of the youth population for ages (15-24) reached (8) million and (100) thousand people for the year 2020, and they constituted (20%) of the total population,' noting that 'the age group (15-19) ) years constituted (11%) of the total population, while the age group (20-24) years constituted (9%) of the total population.

He explained that 'the Corona pandemic caused a stifling financial crisis, with which the Ministry of Planning was unable to implement the general population census, despite the national preparations of the ministry's cadres in preparing special systems and programs to implement an electronic census that ensures the speed of building solid databases on the population of Iraq and their social, economic, demographic, urban and scientific characteristics.' He pointed out that 'the Ministry of Planning sees the necessity of implementing a general population census that adopts modern methodologies to keep pace with the world in implementing the census, electronically using tablet devices, and leaving paper forms and maps in completing data from families and individuals.'

Al-Hindawi stressed that “the process of building a digital database for all of Iraq’s population is the first stage of the population registry formation stages, as that base extracted by the census will be linked with the databases of the Ministry of Interior, which include the “national card, housing and residence card” and the Ministry of Health “births and deaths data.” The Supreme Judicial Council “data of marriage and divorce” and the Ministry of Commerce “ration card data”, to form a population register that is updated instantly, explaining that “this will reduce many of the activities that are adopted in subsequent censuses, including the huge budget required by the census implementation process.”


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